Monitoring has never been easier

Software Application Logging, Monitoring and Error Tracking. Nexitor was built to provide an easy, fast and fancy way of that and much more for your services and servers. Let yourself be surprised!


Say hi to your new Analytics Dashboard

No configuration is required, Nexitor effortlessly displays and renders all your analytics at lightning speed.

A simple Post request is enough, Nexitor will do the rest for you

We have designed Nexitor to be incredibly simple, requiring no configuration. Take a look at the example below to see how easy it is to feed your logs into Nexitor and experience the magic firsthand.

    Pick a Plan

    As with all other features we provide, we are ensuring the most simple payment plan for our customers. No hidden costs and no additional costs. You are paying your fixed rate to guarantee you all of Nexitors features!


    Best for developers, small teams and Startups that want to monitor their app

    $29 /mo

    Billed Monthly

    • 1 Million Logs

    • 5 Heartbeats

    • 100 Alerts per month

    • 1 User

    • E-Mail Support


    Best for tech teams that already serve some users with an application

    $99 /mo

    Billed Monthly

    • 10 Million Logs

    • 25 Heartbeats

    • 1000 Alerts per month

    • 10 Users

    • Chat Support


    Best for tech companies that serve a lot of users and need extensive monitoring

    $199 /mo

    Billed Monthly

    • 100 Million Logs

    • 100 Heartbeats

    • Unlimited Alerts

    • 50 Users

    • Screenshare Call Support


    You have extra wishes such as self hosting and other features?

    Contact us

    for custom offer

    • Optional Self Hosting

    • Unlimited Everything

    • Custom Features

    • Custom Development

    • Custom Support

    How Nexitor Works

    Nexitor was tested and developed in a real production environment with 45 services and 6 Applications. Nexitor can handle hundreds of Millions of logs without any issues. Once logs are received, Nexitor will automatically handle all of the updates and prepare your logs for a visualization on the Dashboard


    Send your logs as provided with an example in the Docs


    Use the Dashboard to analyze your logs for potential threads, issues and general information


    Use your gained knowledge to perform actions as required to save hours on end

    Try 14 days for free

    Tracing a users steps and analyzing their behavior has never been more comfortable. Thanks to Nexitor, critical errors with detailed information were swiftly traced and resolved in a matter of minutes instead of days. It's truly been a game-changer for us.

    - Ali Parnan (Product Owner)

    Frequently Asked questions


    1. What are Alerts?

    After you have configured a certain alert rule, Nexitor will send you an E-Mail to notify you  when a log suits the rule. For example it will notify you when a 500 Status-Error appears or a service is down. 

    2. Do I need to configure anything?

    Nexitor itself will need no configuration at all, what you might probably want to do is, use your token to send logs to your Nexitor instance.

    3. How fast can I full text search or filter my logs?

    In a matter of milliseconds, Nexitor was build to exactly deal with that kind of issue. Noone wants to wait seconds to analyze their logs. With Nexitor you can just click your way to your logs in the blink of an eye.

    4. How fast will my logs fill?

    That depends entirely on how detailed you are using Nexitor. Here is an example though, a tech company with 300 daily users will usually experience around 100k to 300k Logs a month with logging activated for every request and additional actions.

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